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New Website On It's Way

Hello people! Sorry that my old website went offline (changed some settings that made it go offline). So my new website is up and I'm still working on it.
Here is the link of my new website Dipping Into gold

Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Goblin Gold Making TV Guide

Looking for new ways to make gold or getting some gold making/farming questions answered?
Well let me help you with that. In this post I'll give some links to some gold markers and farmers that stream on Twitch at least ones a week and will maybe be a good gold making/farming source for you.

If I missed any gold making/farming streamer in this post then I'm sorry for that. Not all streamers are or can be active a lot and I don't have the time to watch them all. So sorry if haven't include you then in this list.

The Crafters;

GumdropsTSM The perfect stream if your in a learning phase or stuck with some questions about TSM. Here you can expand your knowledge in TSM and gold making. This guy is on of the top notch gold makers and has a perfect mindset when it comes to gold making. You may also know him from the Wowhead blog called WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up, founder of the WoW Economy & TSM Discord and founder of the Reddit WoW Economy.

SamadanplaysWoW If you are a starter in gold making and you want to see how it is to build up your gold making taking it step by step? Then totally follow Sam. At the moment he is working on his gold challenge to get 5 million gold before Battle for Azeroth comes out so he can get the Reins of the mighty Caravan Brutosaur and he is almost halfway there The 5 Million Chart. Very relax and family friendly stream.

The Farmers;

StudenAlbatroz A well known gold farmer for sometime now and is always one of the first with the hottest farming spots in World of Warcraft. Uses LootAppraiser to farm with viewers so you can see the looted value from different farms. So if you like to farm and like some rock/metal then go check this guy out.

Sharken808 A new upcoming Australian streamer that started last december 2017 and is rapidly growing in followers. He always tries to reply to any gold farming questions that are asked in his stream. Very social stream and some perfect rock music. Also makes use of the LootAppraiser addon to give people a good overview on different farms and will start crafting a lot when Battle for Azeroth comes out.

The Flippers;

Mozzletoff Also a new upcoming and growing streamer that makes use of a multi-boxing setting for sniping and some farming. Very interesting to check this out if your unknown to multi-boxing or snipping with TSM. You need some flipping tips or ideas? Then this is your guy to follow.

Role Playing Gold Makers;

Meraki22 If you want to make gold in a total different way, then she is the one to follow. There is some role playing but also a seller in role playing items like transmog and common vendor items she flips. A casual gold maker is the best description.

Emrie01 Role plays on his streams and crafts items to sell on the auction house. He is the only one that's streaming gold making on the beta of Battle for Azeroth. Very interesting to watch and check out the new upcoming gold making stuff in Battle for Azeroth.

Social Gold Makers/Farmers;

MrGrumpyFaceUK Well the name says it but he is not that grumpy. He's pretty new in the world of gold making and got his own ways. Want a good debate about games or daily stuff in life? This is your guy. He's also a co-founder of the Digital Network Arena discord that helps out content creators and a nice social area for Twitch and other users.

Other Gold Streamers;

Arganthe Streams in Portuguese and also in English if needed.
GoldGoblinNET German gold making streamer.
WTBGold Also known as Reckles and is well known in the gold making community. Does anything with making gold.
Speity Fun gold farmer with hilarious conversations.
TheGoldQueen Sadly doesn't stream that much but if she does you will be surprised in things you never thought of doing.
XionikandSheyrah Just two fun and silly persons that like to have fun. You may also know the name 'Sheyrah' from the famous TSM groups and operations setup Sheyrah.
Shinnstalesofgold Doesn't like milk or cotton but loves a cucumber beer. Great and fun gold making stream and he finally got his Vial of the Sands. In Battle for Azeroth he will be back for more gold making and fun stories. Great music as well.
Xtoria For all your pet gold making info you need to know.

On more but he doesn't stream as far as I know, but if non of the people are online on Twitch then you may want to check BregVids on YouTube. Great content that will give you a real good inside on gold making. Highly recommended!

Hoped this guide will help you out with finding some new gold making streamers and maybe widen your view on gold making some more.

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Greetings, Jack the Dipper

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A Farmer and Crafter Walk Into a Bar....

Ever thought why a supermarket has more income then a potato farmer or butcher? Ever thought why a shoe company has a bigger income then the leather supplier? Well it's actually very simple, they do can produce many times more different products then the suppliers. Second, I don't know a lot of consumers that buy a full cow or their own leather to make some shoes. Don't get me wrong, farming does make a nice and safe income but you're not out smarting the market or yourself. Time top step it up! Before we get started, a big thanks to BregVids for letting me use on his video's in this post. I highly recommend to subscribe to his YouTube channel, lot's and lot's to learn from it.

Here we have Lissy and Max and the both make gold in World of Warcraft.

Iissy (who's always busy) farms for her gold and Max (who likes to relax) crafts for his gold.

Lissy has four 110 characters and she farms 70% of her time materials and 30% of the time she farms transmog.

Max has eight 110 characters and he crafts 90% of the time and farms 10% of the time for materials (if needed).

Let's create a scenario where they both start at the same time on the same realm.

Lissy; starts by opening her mailbox and takes out some nice gold and 600+ expired items

Max; also starts by opening his mailbox, takes out some nice gold and has 39 expired items

Lissy; still busy emptying her mailbox

Max; walks to the auctioneer on and uses the cancel scan in TSM to see if he got undercut or needs to repost items for a higher price. After the scan he again opens his mailbox and takes out the cancelled auctions.

Lissy; still retrieving 200 mails from her mailbox

Max; opens his profession window, selects the groups to see if he needs to craft more items.
He sees he needs to craft some food, flasks and some potions. He takes the materials out of his own guild bank and opens the auction house to buy some missing materials. He buys them, takes them out of the mailbox and starts crafting.
Calculated profit? 9k gold (in NA that's like 6k gold).

Lissy; after getting all the mail it's time to re-post it all. In the mean time she looks on youtube to find new farming spot and after a few minutes of searching and watching a video of 6 minutes she checks if she still has some bear tartare left for the farming. She's got two left so she buys two stacks of bear tartare from the auction house.

Max; pling! 'a buyer has been found for your bear tartare'
Well that's a start. After he's done crafting, he starts posting the expired, cancelled and new crafted items in some good stack sizes.

Lissy; is flying to her farm spot

Max; is checking the auction house for some other cheap materials for later or to flip.

Lissy; arrives at the farming spot, eats the bear tartare, starts up lootappraiser, enters the dungeon and starts killing and looting mobs.

Max; bought some cheap materials and logs on too his second character. Opens the mailbox and sees some nice engineering sales like a mount, some engineering parts and 30 auto-hammers. After emptying the mailbox he does the same process over. 

Let's speed things up a bit

Lissy; After two hours of farming, she looted items with a combined value of 80k+ according to lootappraiser. In the meantime she sold three pieces of transmog worth of 8k in total.

Max; already done all his auction house stuff on all characters in one hour and got about 120k with a profit of 45k+. 

Lissy; goes to her auction house and posts another 200 auctions she just got from 2 hour farming, but she still needs to sell stuff to make gold, so she logs on her druid to start herbing some Legion herbs.

Max; goes out to do some farming as well because some materials were to expansive or out of stock in the auction house. 

They both return after a hour and Lissy starts posting the herbs, meanwhile Max is using the sniper function on TSM. Because of the overflow of herbs the prices has dropped even more and Lissy is sellign them now so low that Max sees them coming up on his sniper search and buys them.

It's almost raiding time so food, flasks, potions, cut gems, enchants and more are gonna be bought from the crafters. While he is making the sales from actual needed items, Lissy is stil stuck with her 1000 materials and transmog posts.

The thing I'm trying to make you see is that Lissy spends three hours on farming and Max did more in less time and work. This happens all the time. If you start as a gold maker you don't want to wait to make gold because why wait to make gold when you can actually sell stuff the same day?
Are the numbers not high enough? Trust me, if you sell everyday crafted items that are needed, you will make good gold, maybe just not that one big sale and I know it's attempting to see all those high transmog value's but if people don't need it, then your stuck with nothing. Go into multiple markets where items are actually needed.

Now I really recommend to watch this great video, open your mind and start soaking how any market works. This can totally change your mindset on making gold in World of Warcraft.

If you want to sell some transmog that's fine, but don't think it will make you rich because it will take a lot of time, same counts for materials. Again, why wait to make gold? Start crafting and invest some gold on the auction house. This costs way lesser time, it will keep the materials prices in good value and crafted items profitable. Only farm when you actually need to.

Sorry for the bad picture :D and the long text, but when you get the point I'm trying to make, then gold making will become way easier profitable for you.

Again a big thanks to BregVids for letting me use one of his video's and you can follow Breg on Twitter as well Bregvids Twitter.
My Twitter DippingIntoGold

Greeting, Jack the Dipper

Friday, 22 June 2018

So you want to make gold...

How do I make gold is a very common question in World of Warcraft and you gonna need to start some where. If you are new to World of Warcraft, a returning player or already making some gold but not happy with the results, then is the perfect guide to get started with.

So what is gold making? Gold making is basically creating opportunities that others will pay for in gold. What ever it is, if your gold amount in liquid increases by creating these opportunities, then your making gold.

There are a lot of ways to make gold, gather materials in the open world, farm gold by killing mobs, sell items on the auction house and trade chat or providing a service like simply creating a portal as a mage and ask a payment for it.

The trick is finding a way that fits you and the realm you play on. There is no easy way, fast way or golden rule to make gold. So forget that a specific gold making method that you saw or heard, because it works on one realm doesn't mean it will work on your realm.

"Take the blue pill and keep doing what you are doing or take the golden pill and start making some real gold"

Lets get started!

Because there a so many ways to make gold, it's easy to get lost so take your gold making step by step.

First thing to understand is realm population. Maybe you want to start a new character on a new realm or you want to use the characters you already have. The easiest way to check on what kind of realm you are is by going to the character creation menu in World of Warcraft and click the 'Change Realm' button at the top right of the menu and see what type of population you're realm is.

So what does this mean these different realm populations mean for me as a (starting) gold maker?
Well there are some differences;

  • Low pop = higher gold amounts in sales, lesser competition, easy market controls, slower sales.
  • Mid pop = decent gold amounts in sales, decent competition, some markets are easier to control then others, decent sale rates.
  • High pop = lower gold amounts in sales, lots of competition, no easy markets to control, decent/higher sale rate.

Keep in mind that at moment I'm writing this post, Legion has come to an end and things may not work as well as normal until Battle for Azeroth releases (14-08-2018).
What kind of realm you pick if you want to start fresh is up to you, but I would recommend a low or mid pop realm to learn the ropes of gold making.

Now comes the next step and that is picking the gold making way.
You may have seen or heard about farming materials or transmog and you can make this much gold, but like a said before, 'no realm is the same' so don't get fooled by that.
Don't start your gold making with transmog, you're gonna be disappointed with all the time and effort you're gonna put into and get slow results. I know it's tempting to see those high value transmogs but if it doesn't sell then you will still have nothing. Maybe you make 5k-10k gold a day and maybe you get sometimes a nice sale, but gold making isn't and doesn't have to be a waiting game.

"A sale isn't depending on value or rarity, it's depended on need. If you need food to eat, then you're not gonna buy a dress"

Same counts for farming materials. You're putting a lot of time in the hope you will sell it all for a good price as fast as possible. The problem with farming is that most items farmed are the items best sold on the auction house. Every post of material will lower the value of the material you want to sell. Why? Well you didn't farm for two hours just to post materials and not sell them, you want to increase the possibility of selling so you have to undercut the others. But you're not the only one selling farmed materials so there is a big chance you will be undercut as well, and the list of materials keeps on growing and growing. Most of the needed materials are on the auction house in overflow, this causes the value to drop because the amount of buyers isn't equal to the amount that's posted.

Now you can craft with your farmed materials but that still means that the value of materials on the auction house won't go up in value and the lower value a material has, the lower a crafted item is in value. That's how economics work in IRL and in WoW.

"Less is more"

Buying and crafting is the medicine for a good and profitable WoW economy's and here is why:
  • You craft what's needed, with farming you are still depended on what your getting
  • Buying materials will get the value up and so will you're profit in crafted items
  • You can buy and craft in 15 minutes a 100 times more value then farmers do farm in two hours
  • Crafted items are end products and most players in WoW need those items. They don't care or want to craft it themselves.
  • There are less crafted items on the auction house then materials to craft with
  • Crafting creates profit
  • Buying and crafting takes less time, so more time to do other fun things in WoW
  • The big rich gold makers are crafters because they can create faster value then farmers

There are some rules for crafting:
  • Don't craft if there isn't any profit to be made
  • Don't craft a item if it's not needed or wanted
  • Search for a market where you have the biggest chance of selling and making a decent profit
  • Sell items like consumables in stacks that people want and don't post as much as possible
  • Don't always undercut, if a raider needs five flasks, he will probably buy the first stack of five he can find. Loads of them don't use a addon to buy, they just want it easy and fast whatever the price may be. Selling isn't a racing game, so overcut when you can
  • If a item won't sell, move on to another craft
  • Expanding you're crafting possibilities increases you're gold income, the more more professions the more you can do.
  • Only craft new items when it's needed, otherwise you may run out of materials that you actual need in some other craft.

    I only recommend to farm materials yourself if they are to expansive for making a decent profit or out of stock.
    But just think, would a person rather buy a full working car or spend time and effort to buy all the car parts to assemble it themselves?

    Flipping is also very lucrative market. Flipping is when you buy cheap and sell high. If you can analyse the market and know what the prices do then I would absolutely recommend it. Most of the flippers are TSM users (auction house addon), this is because you can snipe for cheap items the moment they are posted on the auction house and resell it for more. I would recommend to get some capital first and get to know and understand the gold making markets before you get started with flipping. It can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing.

    Learning and analyzing your market isn't done over night. You have to find the information and know how to work with it and that does take sometime.

    Just to get things strait. I'm not saying don't farm materials or transmog. I'm recommending the use the auction house for buying, materials and craft with them. But do what ever you want to do.

    Now there is a of information to be found on making gold. Here are some recommendations.

    • SamadanPlaysWoW If you are a starter in gold making or want to change it up, then I recommend to follow him on Twitch. He is also making gold step by step and very chill stream to start learning.
    • GumdropsTSM If you're stuck on making gold or want to get more out of TSM, then this is the spot to go too.
    • BregVids You can get some handy gold making tips from Breg, there is always something to discover on making gold on his YouTube channel.
    Communities and resources:
    Now there is way more to talk about but to put it all into one post is gonna be a lot (already is).
    On my blog there more information to be found about gold making and more will come. If you want to stay up-to-date with new posts, then I would suggest to follow me on Twitter Dipping Into Gold.

    I hope this post is and has been useful for you to get a good start in making gold.
    Greetings, Jack the Dipper

    Monday, 18 June 2018

    TSM Tool Tip Explanation

    Getting to know the elements of Trade Skill Master is something I recommend to anyone that makes use of this great addon.
    I'm going to explain to you what the tool tip shows. Before we get started it's good to know that these tool tips are the same for TSM3 as for TSM4, changing the settings maybe a bit different, but their basically in the same way implemented in both TSM versions. Changes of the tool tip can be changed in TSM settings tool tip.
    Also a ty to GumdropsTSM for helping me out with a few questions. Follow this TSM expert on Twitch, you can learn a lot!

    1. Basic info:

    • Item name
    • Type of item
    • Total vendor sell price (amount 43 x single sell price 5c) = 2s15c

    2. TradeSkillMaster Info: info about the item

    • Group: In what main and sub group the item is placed.
    • Prospect Value: The destroy value of the item if it can be destroyed. Jewelcrafter = prospect. Inscription = milling. Enchanter = disenchant. Beneath it, it shows you the rest product from destroying it. The green numbers shows how many you get on average per destroying a single item.
    • Vendor Sell Price: Single vendor sell price.
    • Custom Price Source: Any custom price source you have made will show and give the posting value.
    • Inventory: Shows the total amount you have on all characters that use the same TSM profiel. You see here a total of 63 Copper Ore that's split between the characters that carry the item in their bag, bank, AH or mail (43+20). If they are in the guild bank, then you will see 'Guild Bank' in the inventory list with the amount behind.

    3. TSM Accounting: based on personal data

    • Sold: The amount you have sold of the item. Min = The cheapest price you ever sold it for. Avg = The average price you sold the item for. Max = The highest price your sold the item so far.
    • Last Sold: The last time you sold the item.
    • Sale Rate: If an item has a sale rate of 0.15 then it sells 15 times for every 100 times you have  posted.
    • Purchased: The amount your bought (63). Min = The lowest price you paid for the item. Avg = The average price you're paying for the item. Max = The highest price you paid for the item.
    • Last Purchased: The last time you bought the item.

    4. TSM AuctionDB: based on TSM data

    On the left: The amount of auctions posted on the auction house (not the amount of items) of that particular item.
    Next to that you see the last time TSM updated the data for you. The time counts for all the price sources that are displayed in the TSM AuctionDB section.
    All prices you see in that section (except the Region Sale Avg) are posted prices, not the prices they have been sold for.
    • Min buyout: The lowest posted price the item is posted sinds the last data update.
    • Market Value: The average posted price of the item on your realm.
    • Region Market Value Avg: The average posted price in your region.
    • Region Sale Avg: The average selling price per post by all TSM users in your region.
    • Region Avg Daily Sold: The daily average amount of posts that's sold by all TSM users in your region.
    As you can see I'm not using all the price sources, but they do the same only in a different way like the global or historical prices.

    5. TSM Shopping: based on shopping operations you have set

    • Max Shopping Price: The max buy price of you're shopping operation you put on the group where the item is been put in.

    6. Item Info:
    On the left it shows the item ID. On the right the amount the character is carrying of the particular item.

    Because I could not find an item with all the tool tip details, I took separated screenshot of another item.

    To see Max Shopping Price and TSM Accounting in the tool tip of the specific item, you will need a shopping and auctioning operation connected to the group of the specific item (unless you unchecked the tool tips in the TSM settings).

    7. TSM Auctioning: based on auctioning operations you have set
    This shows the posting prices you set in the specific operation that's attached to the group of the item.

    • Min = Is the minimum posted price of the item
    • Normal = Is the normal posting price of the item
    • Max = The maximum price it will be posted for.

    8. TSM Crafting: based on personal as TSM data and crafting operation you have set
    On the left from Crafting Cost you will see the total crafting cost and profit. The profit is based on the crafted price and the price that is set in the crafting settings called Default Craft Value Method.

    Below that you see the items that are needed for the craft with summed up (Ghost Mushroom x 2 the single price of the item).

    You also have the ability to let it show you the Mat Cost. The Mat Cost will show the crafted item as a item on it's own if the item is needed in another crafted item. That value is based on "Default Material Cost Method" in the TSM crafting settings. So it could be based on a minbuyout price or a region price, but that depends on the setting of the price source that's being used for crafting.

    Let me give you a example. The picture here above shows a item called "Ghost Dye" that is used for another craft. The total material cost of the "Ghost Dye" is 44g 55s 99c  and is set on the dbmarket value. Because "Ghost Dye" is a crafting material on it's own it uses the dbmarkt value (Mat Cost) as well and that can be different from the crafting cost. (If you don't get it, no problem).

    Hopefully you have gotten a better view of the TSM tool tip.
    Wanne know when I post a new guide on TSM, then I recommend you to follow me on Twitter Dipping Into WoW Gold

    Greetings, Jack the Dipper

    Friday, 15 June 2018

    The Alchemy Dating Show!

    The end of a expansion is always a perfect moment to prepare your characters for gold making in the next expansion. Cleaning your bags, your bank and guild bank are the first steps you can take for a next expansion, great to create more bag space for new materials and a better overview of the remaining items. Another good step is to level your profession skills, a change of professions or even level a new character with professions.

    In this post I'll show you some great matching possibilities with alchemy.
    All possibilities are ranked with numbers so the best one is of course number 1.


    1. One of the most common picks with alchemy is herbalism, this is because most of the items are consumables like potions, elixirs and flasks that needs herbs. It's useful for new and old content and when you focus on old content, then you may want to go for Elixir Master as specialization. Here you can check some handy crafts with old content herbs Elixir Master List.

    2. Why not pick mining? One of the great possibilities with alchemy is that you can transmute bars or gems, specially when you are a Transmutation Master. This will make it possible to get more out of a single transmutation. Another thing is that mining also makes use of alchemy for smelting the Enchanted Elementium Bars. For old content items it's perfect but for new content not so much. You can check here for recommend transmutes Transmute Master List.

    3. Talking about gems, jewelcrafting is another one that benefits from transmutes with the Transmutation Master and mostly used to craft the panther gems to craft the panther mounts. Even prospecting old content ore can give you items that you need for transmuting. Here is btw my list of the beneficial transmutes you can do if you are a transmute master Transmute Master List.

    4. What about blacksmithing? If you want to craft transmog then you will need some bars for crafting like the Arcanite Bars and they are not that cheap to buy. However I would never recommend to make a combo of professions for just transmog, the market is to slow for that.

    5.  If you have engineering then I would not really recommend to put alchemy next to it and here is why. There are only two crafts that will benefit and those are the Sky Golem and the Depleted Kyparium Rocket. Now the Depleted Kyparium Rocket is pretty good for selling but for the Sky Golem you do need 30 Jards Peculiar Energy Source and those can only be crafted once a day. That would mean that alchemy would only really benefit every 30 days besides the other crafts. Also with engineering you can craft transmog, but it can only be worn by engineers.

    Now there or some other profession that you can combine but it's not worth doing it.

    Every week I'll try to do profession match and next week that will be Blacksmithing.
    I hope this post has given you some ideas about selecting the right profession with alchemy for you.

    If you wanna keep track for new posts, then follow me on Twitter Dippingintogold
    Greetings, Jack the Dipper

    Monday, 11 June 2018

    Alchemy Elixir Master List

    Making gold is a step by step process. Last time I showed you transmute's that can be very profitable Alchemy Transmute Master List, now I'm gonna show you some profitable elixirs and flasks. To get the proc's with crafting elixirs and flasks, you gonna need to be Elixir Master as a alchemist.

    Lets Get Started!

    Flask of Titanic Strength
    Needs; 8 Volatile Life, 8 Cinderbloom and 8 Whiptail
    Sell size; Only in stacks of 8

    Flask of The Winds
    Needs; 8 Volatile Life, 8 Azshara's Veil and 8 Whiptail
    Sell size; Only in stacks of 8

    The only need for these flasks is crafting The Vial of the Sands, nothing more.
    If you can craft The Vial of the Sands then I would highly recommend to craft it first and then sell the flasks in stacks of 8 so you can make profit from both markets. Still a lot of people just buy the intermediate crafts to craft their own Vial of the Sands or let someone else craft it for them. I rather let have them buy my intermediate crafts then from someone else.

    Elixir of Major Strength
    Needs; 1 Mountain Silversage and 1 Felweed
    Sell size; Stacks of 2
    Used; Crafting gear

    Flask of the Titans
    Needs; 7 Gromsblood, 3 Stonescale Oil and 1 Black Lotus
    Sell size; Stacks of 2
    Used; Crafting gear

    Flask of Supreme Power
    Needs; 7 Dreamfoil, 3 Mountain Silversage and 1 Black Lotus
    Sell size; Stacks of 1
    Used; Crafting gear

    Elixir of Wisdom
    Needs; 1 Mageroyal and 2 Briarthorn
    Sell size; Stacks of 1
    Used; Crafting gear

    Elixir of Ogre's Strength
    Needs; 1 Earthroot and 1 Kingsblood
    Sell size; Stacks of 1
    Used; Crafting gear

    Elixir of Lesser Agility
    Needs; 1 Wild Steelbloom and 1 Swiftthistle
    Sell size; Stacks of 1
    Used; Crafting gear

    Elixir of Minor Agility
    Needs; 1 Swiftthistle and 1 Silverleaf
    Sell size; Stacks of 1
    Used; Crafting gear

    Elixir of Water Walking
    Needs; 3 Ethereal Oil
    Sell size; Stacks sizes depends on the price but I would never go higher then 5
    Used; Walking over water for 10 minutes, but cancels if you take any damage

    Elixir of Greater Water Breathing
    Needs; 1 Ichor of Undeath and 2 Purple Lotus
    Sell size; Stacks sizes depends on the price but I would never go higher then 5
    Used; Lets you breathe underwater for 1 hour

    Elixir of Water Breathing
    Needs; 1 Stranglekelp and 2 Blackmouth Oil
    Sell size; Stacks sizes depends on the price but I would never go higher then 5
    Used; Lets you breathe underwater for 30 minutes

    Not all flasks or elixirs have a good profit, I recommend you to check your own Auction House before crafting any of these items. Sell rates can be very different, it all depends on the needs of other players, some sales just takes time

    I hope this list can be useful for you and will increase your profits.

    Greetings, Jack the Dipper
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