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What the Flip!? part 2

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." -Wayne Gretzky

Flipping can be a uncomfortable way of gold making. That's why I'm helping you out a bit with making some flips you normally would not think off. Let's see if this second part of 'What the Flip!?' can make you some nice profit.

Archaeology Key Stones
Good for leveling Archaeology and getting unique items faster like Recipe Vial of the Sands or the Scepter of Azjaqir (congrats btw to Shinnstalesofgold for getting finally the Recipe Vial of the Sands).

  • Good thing; The Legion ones are posted cheap when the Legion digging area's aren't active (changes every 2 weeks), so try to sell the right keystone when the right dig area is active. Another good keystone is the Tol'vir Hieroglyphic, if you can find them cheap then they will got a really nice profit and fast sale. All others I didn't mention are also good for flipping but these ones I did mention are just better and easier to flip. Archaeology Keystone List
  • Bad thing; Some may take a while to sell then other keystones.
  • Recommend sell size; Below 250g sell them in 9, above 250g sell them in 3 and above 1500g sell them in singles. It all depends on what price you can sell them for. The max amount of keystones to solve a artifact is 3, that's why those strange stack sizes.

Elixir of the Rapid Mind
Some people just hate leveling, so any benefit they can get their hands on will make leveling easier. These are still being sold on auction house for high prices. Sinds patch 7.3.2 Blizzard changed it that they won't be available form the Savage Gifts anymore. The prices on the auction house have tripled in gold sinds the change.

  • Good thing; Players that are returning to the game and don't know about the changes will post them for the old price (if your lucky) and you can make some insane profits.
  • Bad thing; Really hard to get them cheap enough.
  • Recommend sell size; Per 1

Flawless Battle-Stone
Yes, there is actually a battle pet stone that can be sold. These stones make a pet from common or any other form go to rare instantly. People that like to battle with pets are the most common buyers.

  • Good thing; Some sellers will post them for a low price because they don't know the value of the stone or just want to get rid of it.
  • Bad thing; Not always easy to get for a low price.
  • Recommend sell size; Per 1

Aethril Seed
Dreamleaf Seed
Fjarnskaggl Seed (also pronounced as Fjurnfjskagflesomething)
Foxflower Seed
Starlight Rose Seed
Felwort Seed
If you need to level or rank up your herbalism skill before Battle for Azeroth comes out, then these seeds will make the job so much easier then flying around, picking up every herb and hope not to get attacked by a annoying mob. Also a good amount of seeds is needed in seed raids.

  • Good thing; Most of the time nice amounts with huge undercuts.
  • Bad thing; There is a possibility of a overflowed market with some seeds.
  • Recommend sell size; Stacks of 10 and 20 can do the job

Steelbound Harness
So this is a whole different story. In my What the Flip lists I actually talk about items that aren't that easy to get and can be flipped now, this is something else.

This crafted mount is for now still easy and cheap to craft if you have the 'Bloods of Sargeras' (50) and 'Felhide' (10) for it. But why in Battle of Azeroth? Well let me tell you. I don't think a lot of people will still be doing WQ's in Legion or farm with a 'Boon of the Bloodhunter' enchant that can only be used on Legion shoulder gear. If you want to make some nice gold besides the new Battle for Azeroth materials and crafts then you want to sell these mounts. There are gonna be expansive because of the materials and because of the gold inflation that will come with Battle for Azeroth.

  • Good thing; Would not be weird if they will dubbel in price in the 3rd month of Battle for Azeroth. They are now still cheap to buy or to craft for the moment.
  • Bad thing; You do got to spend some gold and time to make a profit.
  • Recommended sell; Don't sell them in the first month of Battle for Azeroth, people will be to busy spending gold on materials and gear. Try to start selling them from the second or third month of Battle for Azeroth

Keep in mind that not every flip is a guarantee for a fast or high sale, sometimes you have to be patient an not every realm is the same, some items may be already expansive on your realm.

If you need any references in prices, then I advice you to check out;
  • The Undermine Journal A handy website to check out the prices on your realm and region
  • Trade Skill Master The best auction house addon you can get. It's like a extension you are gonna need to advance in gold making.

I hope the list will serves you well in some nice gold making.

Greetings, Jack the Dipper

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Yes, we all made that mistake. We bought or sniped something because we thought it would make us some gold or you just wanted it because it was so cheap.

After two weeks you're stuck with a pile of junk that won't sell because it's been posted a 100 times over for half the price you payed for or you just could have waited a few days until it got cheaper.

It happens to all of us gold makers and nothing to be a ashamed of. It sucks, but hey you learned from it right.................well not always.
And somehow we manage to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Reins of the Poseidus.........

In patch 7.3.2, Blizzard changed the spawn time of this beautiful mount to between 3 and 8 hours. Still I thought this was a pretty long time and the amount of those mounts would not increase that much. The normal price on my realm was like between 800k and 1m gold. It took about week the first "cheap" one appear for 400k.........'WELL THAT WILL BE A NICE FLIP'!!!.................right?
Well no. Only 12 hours after I bought the mount, the same seller posted another one for the same price and after that they came rolling in.
So I used the mount and from today you can buy the mount for just 32,5k or even less.

The Gem Chip! In early Legion, these gem chips weren't easy to get because they came in different colors and were besides the white ones useless. These white gem chips were going at some point for a price between the 30g and 40g each!

Lot's of sellers didn't had a clue what they were used for, so if you were into cooking then this was literally a goldmine if you could get them cheap. You needed 20 white gem chips (and some other ingredients) to craft 10 'Nightborne Delicacy Platter' (if you had the recipe at rank 3). I was on top of those gems. So at some point Blizzard found it to be a good idea to change the gem chips to 'only white gems chips' and prices dropped to about a 5g each.

My eyes where glowing gold and I started buying every Gem Chip I could find for that price. After I bought about 20k± of Gem Chips, I started selling those in stacks of 100 and 200.............well the posting cost was ridiculous and the cheap Gem Chips were keep coming in on the auction house. 'Bye, bye, 100k± + posting cost'

And I can go one with a lot of more items.....

Strangely enough people don't talk a lot about their gold making flops. Most of the time you see people on forums or chat talking about 'how much they made' or 'how cheap they just bought this item for'.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose, that's just the fact. But never stop trying!

I hoped you enjoyed this article and will give you a better inside in the world of gold making.

Greetings, Jack the Dipper
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When Farmers Go Berserk!

Get a goldfish and see how much you can feed it until it dies. Well this may be a bad example, but it's about the point I'm trying to make. 'Don't feed the auction house to much'.

My farmers, my buddies, my suppliers............well most of the time.

'Let's go berserk!'

You got the pure farmers, the farmers that craft and the pure crafters.

Like symbiont's, they need each other to survive and without the one, the other will not sell.
They both have the same purpose and that's making gold, but sadly not always in the same mindset.

A pure farmer, farms to sell and goes back on the road to farm and sell more. In most cases that works pretty well.

But then you have the farmers that go berserk! They will post in insane amounts, way to low prices and even in stacks sizes that won't make any sense.

What a lot of farmers are doing (without knowing) is killing the market by overflowing it with items.
Lots of them think in the 'now' not in the 'after'. Undercutting is a common word in the gold making world that has his positives and negatives. It makes things cheaper or to cheap.

For example; 'Seller A' posts item 'X' in 10 stacks of 5 for the price of 100g each. After a hour, 'Seller A' sold 5 stacks of item 'X' but then 'Seller B' comes along and posts 30 stacks of 5 for 99g each, few minutes later 'Seller C' posts a 100 stacks of  item 'X'  in stack sizes of 2 for 90g each.
Now 'Seller A' comes back and sees that he has been undercut, so he cancels his remaining 5 stacks of 5 and posts them now for 85g each (and so on).

In this example, 'Seller C' is the one that goes into berserk mode. Now here is the problem. Because there are so many stacks of 2 posted already on the auction house, the price won't go up until the stacks of 5 from 'Seller A' and the stacks of 'Seller C' have been sold (if they won't be undercut again in the meantime). Before you know it, there are 700 posts of item 'X' with the lowest price at 60g or even lower.

So going from 100g to a 60g is a bad thing for the farmer as for the crafter. For the crafter as well? Yes! Most crafters base their minimum prices on the value of the total material cost. If a crafter buys mats for 100g and the value drops to 60g, then the crafter has a lesser price range to work with the crafted item. Maybe another crafter comes a long and buys those same mats for 60g, he can now make the same profit and sell it for less.
If a crafter can't sell then he won't buy more mats to craft, more items will stay on the auction house and those will keep dropping in price. It's the circle of..... the WoW economy.

If you are a farmer, remember this;
  1. Sell your mats in nice and reasonable stack sizes
  2. Don't post to many stacks at once. If you notice there are already loads on the auction house, keep them in your bank for later and maybe for a better price
  3. Don't undercut in insane lower prices
  4. Using good stacks sizes makes it possible to overcut, you don't always have to be the cheapest
  5. Farm for a mat that is overpriced or less in amount on the auction house
This way we can keep the auction house healthy and profitable .

I hope this article will give you a better inside on the basics of the WoW gold market.
If you are a pro farmer or totally new, then keep this in mind 'Never overfeed the fish'

Greetings, Jack the Dipper
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TSM Groups, not 'What', but 'How'

If you're a gold maker then you should have heard of or even use TSM (Trade Skill Master).
It's like your own personal accountant that uses a advanced calculator.
This post is meant to make TSM more yours, if you're new to TSM or are a advanced user, it doesn't matter. These examples are screenshots from TSM4 but work the same as in TSM3.

Make it yours!

Let's say TSM is like cooking, but instead of making a meal you're making gold. You buy or copy a cookbook (in Gumdrops words 'cuukbuuk') and you start cooking. But there is one problem, the index is build in a way that you don't find logic, ingredients are based in a order you find difficult and the overview is like a puzzle.

You can do two things, get used to the logic or construct your own cookbook.
I'm gonna talk about that second option and that is construct 'your' own cookbook.
You can start from scratch or use a existing cookbook, that's totally up to you.

In TSM we use 'groups' for the items you need to make gold with, easy right?
Well not completely, you need to make it easy for you and that's the point.
Before you even open TSM you should already know where to look in the groups or select the group you need for a post, shop or craft.

I can tell you te best way to setup a group but that's based on my personal preferences and you should make it based on your preferences. I can give you examples but you have to decide on how you want to set it up.

'Parent Groups', these groups are the base of your TSM index.
The most common named 'Parent Groups' are called after a profession and the 'use' of it. You got a alchemy group, a smelting group or even a flipping group.

Ever thought of naming your groups after the characters that use the professions or name the groups after each WoW expansion? Maybe name the groups after each day of the week so you have a nice schedule to work with each day. The possibilities are endless! Try different setups and if your not satisfied after some time, then change it. That's how I got to my group setup.

After trying a couple of setups I got to the point of naming my groups after my characters. Gekkogorden, my flipping character, Kanje my Blacksmith and my Crafting Mats group for buying mats that are needed for multiple professions.

Starting with a good base is the foundation of a good overview

My subgroups are based on parts of a profession, like here you see engineering that has subgroups based on different crafts.

I could also name those subgroups after each WoW expansion or use the blue colored groups and create subgroups for those based on WoW expansions or the amount I want to sell them in.

Again, the possibilities are endless and it's up to you to make them fit for you.

Making your own setup is gonna help you in multiple ways and will be less time consuming.

'Time is money my friend'

Is it a easy and fun job? No (well not for me), but it's about the end result. Take it step by step and sooner or later you will have created your own master piece.

I hope this post has given you some more inside on how to make TSM yours.

Never used TSM but are willing to get into TSM? Trade Skill Master
Want to help out by testing and trying TSM 4 beta? Trade Skill Master 4 beta singup

Greetings, Jack the Dipper

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Monday, 21 May 2018

What the Flip!? part 1

Flipping is a fun and easy way to make some nice gold, it's basically buying gold with gold.
But what can you flip? There is actually a lot you can flip on the auction house. What I'm gonna try to show you are some flips that are not common when it comes to flipping. But that makes these flips so good and valuable. So let's get started!

Fresh Talbuk Meat
If you are a hunter and you want to catch one of the seven colored Panthara on Argus, then the only way you can get one is by using the fresh talbuk meat. The Panthara aren't a easy catch because the moment you get into combat while taming one it will not work and the meat will be lost. The average drop chance to get this meat is 1%.

  • Good thing; Some people that get this meat and don't have a clue what it's used for will put it on the auction house for a ridiculously low price.
  • Bad thing; Some people will vendor the meat as well.......
  • Recommend sell size; Nothing higher then 3 a stack if you have more

Ancient Mana Crystal
Gives 50 Ancient Mana
Ancient Mana Gem
Gives 100 Ancient Mana

The Ancient Mana is mainly used for 3 different things;
  1. Reputation with The Nightfalen by feeding one of the 3 NPC's in Shal'Aran
  2. Buy The "Devilsaur" Lunchbox
  3. To start the Withered Army Training (400-2000 is needed, but the more, the bigger the army)
  • Good thing; People are ditching the crystals and gems for low prices on the auction house
  • Bad thing; Some sellers post to much at once so to get the price up or get a nice sale rate can be hard sometimes
  • Recommend sell size; Try to post them in max stacks (5)

Huge Ogre Cache
Gives a 1000 Garrison resources
Bulging Barrel of Oil
Gives 250 oil Shipyard resources

Yes! People still use the Garrison and Shipyard for loads of stuff, to much to explain here.
  • Good thing; The people that don't need the many more can post them pretty cheap
  • Bad thing; They won't stack so a auction house could seem overflowed and they do take some bag/bank space
  • Recommend sell size; Can only be sold in stack of 1 so post like 5 and wait to post until you sold 1 or more.

Nomi Snacks
Instantly researches 5 cooking orders

Don't we all love Nomi...... goddamn burned food! To level cooking fast in Legion you gonna need at least one Legion cooking recipe at rank 3 and the only way to get there is by handing Nomi the ingredient for that specific recipe and hope to get it. Nomi's Snack is the cure for the waiting time.
  • Good thing; Sells pretty fast and people that are done with the Legion cooking will post them most of the time pretty cheap
  • Bad thing; There are never enough on the auction house on most realms
  • Recommend sell size; Stack sizes of 5 because there isn't a 100% chance you can get a higher rank and some want to get all the recipe's to rank 3

Soon I'll be posting a part 2 and maybe even a part 3 of What the Flip!? So keep you eyes open for new posts.
Keep in mind that not every flip is a guarantee for a fast or high sale, sometimes you have to be patient an not every realm is the same, some items may be already expansive on your realm.

If you need any references in prices, then I advice you to check out;
  • The Undermine Journal A handy website to check out the prices on your realm and region
  • Trade Skill Master The best auction house addon you can get. It's like a extension you are gonna need to advance in gold making.
I hope the list will serves you well in some nice gold making.
Greetings, Jack the Dipper
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Alchemy Transmute Master List

Legion is coming to an end, sales are going slower and the raid sellers....are still spamming the trade chat. Looking to making some gold before Battle of Azeroth is coming out or are you completely new to Alchemy? Then you may want to check this post out.

Before we start looking at the list, I assume you got Transmutation Master on your alchemist. Why? Well this Alchemy specialty will give you a proc chance on all WoW Vanilla till Mist of Pandaria transmutes (getting more for a single transmute).
Keep in mind that this list is based on my experience and that every market on a realm is different from another.

Let's Get Started!!!

Living Steel
Living Steel can be transmuted in two ways

Riddle of Steel
Needs; 3 Trillium Bars and 3 Spirits of Harmony
Daily Cooldown; No

Transmute; Living Steel
Needs; 6 Trillium Bars
Daily Cooldown; Yes
Recommended sell stack sizes; 4 and 10

Living Steel is mostly used to crafting different Mist of Pandaria mounts, some pets, toys, gear and it's also needed for completing the Transmutation Master quest (4x). Living Steel has a huge range of uses, so start crafting some! Here is a link to my Riddle of Steel web tool, it will calculate max buy prices for your materials.

Trillium Bar
Needs; 10 Ghost Iron Bars (20 Ghost Iron Ore)
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; 6 and 12

Basically I would not "just" sell these bars. However, if the crafting cost of a Living Steel is getting so low in price that the profit is so small or even negative, then I would start selling them in the recommended stack sizes. Otherwise I would keep them for crafting needs.

The Panther Gems

Rivers Heart
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Lapis Lazuli
Daily Cooldown; No
Wild Jade
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Alexanderite
Daily Cooldown; No
Primordial Ruby
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Pandarian Garnet
Daily Cooldown; No
Sun's Radiance
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Sunstone
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; 20, but multiple's of 4 or 5 does also work

Selling the gems as crafting the panthers with the gems is a great strategy. Some buyers or crafters rather buy them so they can craft the panthers them selfs or let them be craftered for them. If you don't post the gems, you may miss out on some nice gold, but always craft the panthers first!

Needs; 3 Pyrium Bars (6 Pyrite Ore) and 10 of the Volatile Fire, Water and Air (don't transmute Pryrium Bars, they use the daily cooldown)!
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; Multiple stacks 3 or one stack of 12 (both also works)

If you got the recipe on your alchemist to craft Vial of the Sands, then you defiantly want to craft this mount. If you want to sell them, they can be a slow sometimes. You can also craft Cataclysm gear with these bars.

Primal Air
Needs; 1 Primal Water
Daily Cooldown; Yes
Recommended sell stack sizes; 4 and 8

Used for crafting some nice looking The Bruning Crusade gear and the Primal Might

Titanium Bar
Needs; 8 Saronite Bars (16 Saronite Ore)
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; multiple stack sizes of  4
Titansteel Bar

Got a miner with at least skill 450 or higher? Then the Titansteel Bar is you answer.
They need 3 Titanium Bars and 1 Ethernal, Earth, Fire, and Shadow.
So you're not only making a profit on the Titanium Bar but also on the Titansteel Bar. I recommend to sell those bars in multiple stacks of 4 and 5.
The Titanium Bars are also used for crafting gear and toys.

Arcanite Bar
Needs; 1 Arcane Crystal and 1 Thorium Bar
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; Multiple stacks of 4 and 5

Enchanted Elementium Bar

This is on of my favorite gold making craft and I tell you why. They are needed for Thunderaan the Windseeker Quest and you need exactly 10 of these bars to finish the quest and get legendary Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker weapon. So only sell these in stacks of 10 and get the highest price for it, because anyone that sells them in sizes lesser then 10 will be passed by any buyer who want to finish the quest. I'm on a low pop and I sell a stack of 10 every 2 weeks with almost a 50% profit. You do need to get the recipe to smelt them 'Smelt Enchanted Elementium'.
But you can still use the Arcanite Bars for other purposes like selling or crafting some nice looking Vanilla gear.

Not all recommended stack sizes are a grantee for a sale, some take longer and some may not work because of the competition on your realm. Try to experiment with different stack sizes, but be patient! There are a lot of more transmutations, but from my experience on my realm, I build this list.

Last but not least! 'Size does matter' A good stack can make a total difference for faster sales or higher prices. With good stack sizes you can overcut and don't need to undercut all the time. Lot's of players a just lazy and just want a easy buy.

I hope this list has given you a decent guidance in transmutation.

Greetings, Jack the Dipper
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