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Alchemy Transmute Master List

Legion is coming to an end, sales are going slower and the raid sellers....are still spamming the trade chat. Looking to making some gold before Battle of Azeroth is coming out or are you completely new to Alchemy? Then you may want to check this post out.

Before we start looking at the list, I assume you got Transmutation Master on your alchemist. Why? Well this Alchemy specialty will give you a proc chance on all WoW Vanilla till Mist of Pandaria transmutes (getting more for a single transmute).
Keep in mind that this list is based on my experience and that every market on a realm is different from another.

Let's Get Started!!!

Living Steel
Living Steel can be transmuted in two ways

Riddle of Steel
Needs; 3 Trillium Bars and 3 Spirits of Harmony
Daily Cooldown; No

Transmute; Living Steel
Needs; 6 Trillium Bars
Daily Cooldown; Yes
Recommended sell stack sizes; 4 and 10

Living Steel is mostly used to crafting different Mist of Pandaria mounts, some pets, toys, gear and it's also needed for completing the Transmutation Master quest (4x). Living Steel has a huge range of uses, so start crafting some! Here is a link to my Riddle of Steel web tool, it will calculate max buy prices for your materials.

Trillium Bar
Needs; 10 Ghost Iron Bars (20 Ghost Iron Ore)
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; 6 and 12

Basically I would not "just" sell these bars. However, if the crafting cost of a Living Steel is getting so low in price that the profit is so small or even negative, then I would start selling them in the recommended stack sizes. Otherwise I would keep them for crafting needs.

The Panther Gems

Rivers Heart
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Lapis Lazuli
Daily Cooldown; No
Wild Jade
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Alexanderite
Daily Cooldown; No
Primordial Ruby
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Pandarian Garnet
Daily Cooldown; No
Sun's Radiance
Needs; 1 Golden Lotus and 1 Sunstone
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; 20, but multiple's of 4 or 5 does also work

Selling the gems as crafting the panthers with the gems is a great strategy. Some buyers or crafters rather buy them so they can craft the panthers them selfs or let them be craftered for them. If you don't post the gems, you may miss out on some nice gold, but always craft the panthers first!

Needs; 3 Pyrium Bars (6 Pyrite Ore) and 10 of the Volatile Fire, Water and Air (don't transmute Pryrium Bars, they use the daily cooldown)!
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; Multiple stacks 3 or one stack of 12 (both also works)

If you got the recipe on your alchemist to craft Vial of the Sands, then you defiantly want to craft this mount. If you want to sell them, they can be a slow sometimes. You can also craft Cataclysm gear with these bars.

Primal Air
Needs; 1 Primal Water
Daily Cooldown; Yes
Recommended sell stack sizes; 4 and 8

Used for crafting some nice looking The Bruning Crusade gear and the Primal Might

Titanium Bar
Needs; 8 Saronite Bars (16 Saronite Ore)
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; multiple stack sizes of  4
Titansteel Bar

Got a miner with at least skill 450 or higher? Then the Titansteel Bar is you answer.
They need 3 Titanium Bars and 1 Ethernal, Earth, Fire, and Shadow.
So you're not only making a profit on the Titanium Bar but also on the Titansteel Bar. I recommend to sell those bars in multiple stacks of 4 and 5.
The Titanium Bars are also used for crafting gear and toys.

Arcanite Bar
Needs; 1 Arcane Crystal and 1 Thorium Bar
Daily Cooldown; No
Recommended sell stack sizes; Multiple stacks of 4 and 5

Enchanted Elementium Bar

This is on of my favorite gold making craft and I tell you why. They are needed for Thunderaan the Windseeker Quest and you need exactly 10 of these bars to finish the quest and get legendary Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker weapon. So only sell these in stacks of 10 and get the highest price for it, because anyone that sells them in sizes lesser then 10 will be passed by any buyer who want to finish the quest. I'm on a low pop and I sell a stack of 10 every 2 weeks with almost a 50% profit. You do need to get the recipe to smelt them 'Smelt Enchanted Elementium'.
But you can still use the Arcanite Bars for other purposes like selling or crafting some nice looking Vanilla gear.

Not all recommended stack sizes are a grantee for a sale, some take longer and some may not work because of the competition on your realm. Try to experiment with different stack sizes, but be patient! There are a lot of more transmutations, but from my experience on my realm, I build this list.

Last but not least! 'Size does matter' A good stack can make a total difference for faster sales or higher prices. With good stack sizes you can overcut and don't need to undercut all the time. Lot's of players a just lazy and just want a easy buy.

I hope this list has given you a decent guidance in transmutation.

Greetings, Jack the Dipper
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  1. is it worth doing random transmute? to get new transmute recipes

    1. Yes absolutely, just try to keep the random transmute's as cheap as possible to craft and get new recipes. Cheers!


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