Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A Farmer and Crafter Walk Into a Bar....

Ever thought why a supermarket has more income then a potato farmer or butcher? Ever thought why a shoe company has a bigger income then the leather supplier? Well it's actually very simple, they do can produce many times more different products then the suppliers. Second, I don't know a lot of consumers that buy a full cow or their own leather to make some shoes. Don't get me wrong, farming does make a nice and safe income but you're not out smarting the market or yourself. Time top step it up! Before we get started, a big thanks to BregVids for letting me use on his video's in this post. I highly recommend to subscribe to his YouTube channel, lot's and lot's to learn from it.

Here we have Lissy and Max and the both make gold in World of Warcraft.

Iissy (who's always busy) farms for her gold and Max (who likes to relax) crafts for his gold.

Lissy has four 110 characters and she farms 70% of her time materials and 30% of the time she farms transmog.

Max has eight 110 characters and he crafts 90% of the time and farms 10% of the time for materials (if needed).

Let's create a scenario where they both start at the same time on the same realm.

Lissy; starts by opening her mailbox and takes out some nice gold and 600+ expired items

Max; also starts by opening his mailbox, takes out some nice gold and has 39 expired items

Lissy; still busy emptying her mailbox

Max; walks to the auctioneer on and uses the cancel scan in TSM to see if he got undercut or needs to repost items for a higher price. After the scan he again opens his mailbox and takes out the cancelled auctions.

Lissy; still retrieving 200 mails from her mailbox

Max; opens his profession window, selects the groups to see if he needs to craft more items.
He sees he needs to craft some food, flasks and some potions. He takes the materials out of his own guild bank and opens the auction house to buy some missing materials. He buys them, takes them out of the mailbox and starts crafting.
Calculated profit? 9k gold (in NA that's like 6k gold).

Lissy; after getting all the mail it's time to re-post it all. In the mean time she looks on youtube to find new farming spot and after a few minutes of searching and watching a video of 6 minutes she checks if she still has some bear tartare left for the farming. She's got two left so she buys two stacks of bear tartare from the auction house.

Max; pling! 'a buyer has been found for your bear tartare'
Well that's a start. After he's done crafting, he starts posting the expired, cancelled and new crafted items in some good stack sizes.

Lissy; is flying to her farm spot

Max; is checking the auction house for some other cheap materials for later or to flip.

Lissy; arrives at the farming spot, eats the bear tartare, starts up lootappraiser, enters the dungeon and starts killing and looting mobs.

Max; bought some cheap materials and logs on too his second character. Opens the mailbox and sees some nice engineering sales like a mount, some engineering parts and 30 auto-hammers. After emptying the mailbox he does the same process over. 

Let's speed things up a bit

Lissy; After two hours of farming, she looted items with a combined value of 80k+ according to lootappraiser. In the meantime she sold three pieces of transmog worth of 8k in total.

Max; already done all his auction house stuff on all characters in one hour and got about 120k with a profit of 45k+. 

Lissy; goes to her auction house and posts another 200 auctions she just got from 2 hour farming, but she still needs to sell stuff to make gold, so she logs on her druid to start herbing some Legion herbs.

Max; goes out to do some farming as well because some materials were to expansive or out of stock in the auction house. 

They both return after a hour and Lissy starts posting the herbs, meanwhile Max is using the sniper function on TSM. Because of the overflow of herbs the prices has dropped even more and Lissy is sellign them now so low that Max sees them coming up on his sniper search and buys them.

It's almost raiding time so food, flasks, potions, cut gems, enchants and more are gonna be bought from the crafters. While he is making the sales from actual needed items, Lissy is stil stuck with her 1000 materials and transmog posts.

The thing I'm trying to make you see is that Lissy spends three hours on farming and Max did more in less time and work. This happens all the time. If you start as a gold maker you don't want to wait to make gold because why wait to make gold when you can actually sell stuff the same day?
Are the numbers not high enough? Trust me, if you sell everyday crafted items that are needed, you will make good gold, maybe just not that one big sale and I know it's attempting to see all those high transmog value's but if people don't need it, then your stuck with nothing. Go into multiple markets where items are actually needed.

Now I really recommend to watch this great video, open your mind and start soaking how any market works. This can totally change your mindset on making gold in World of Warcraft.

If you want to sell some transmog that's fine, but don't think it will make you rich because it will take a lot of time, same counts for materials. Again, why wait to make gold? Start crafting and invest some gold on the auction house. This costs way lesser time, it will keep the materials prices in good value and crafted items profitable. Only farm when you actually need to.

Sorry for the bad picture :D and the long text, but when you get the point I'm trying to make, then gold making will become way easier profitable for you.

Again a big thanks to BregVids for letting me use one of his video's and you can follow Breg on Twitter as well Bregvids Twitter.
My Twitter DippingIntoGold

Greeting, Jack the Dipper

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