Friday, 15 June 2018

The Alchemy Dating Show!

The end of a expansion is always a perfect moment to prepare your characters for gold making in the next expansion. Cleaning your bags, your bank and guild bank are the first steps you can take for a next expansion, great to create more bag space for new materials and a better overview of the remaining items. Another good step is to level your profession skills, a change of professions or even level a new character with professions.

In this post I'll show you some great matching possibilities with alchemy.
All possibilities are ranked with numbers so the best one is of course number 1.


  1. One of the most common picks with alchemy is herbalism, this is because most of the items are consumables like potions, elixirs and flasks that needs herbs. It's useful for new and old content and when you focus on old content, then you may want to go for Elixir Master as specialization. Here you can check some handy crafts with old content herbs Elixir Master List.

  2. Why not pick mining? One of the great possibilities with alchemy is that you can transmute bars or gems, specially when you are a Transmutation Master. This will make it possible to get more out of a single transmutation. Another thing is that mining also makes use of alchemy for smelting the Enchanted Elementium Bars. For old content items it's perfect but for new content not so much. You can check here for recommend transmutes Transmute Master List.

  3. Talking about gems, jewelcrafting is another one that benefits from transmutes with the Transmutation Master and mostly used to craft the panther gems to craft the panther mounts. Even prospecting old content ore can give you items that you need for transmuting. Here is btw my list of the beneficial transmutes you can do if you are a transmute master Transmute Master List.

  4. What about blacksmithing? If you want to craft transmog then you will need some bars for crafting like the Arcanite Bars and they are not that cheap to buy. However I would never recommend to make a combo of professions for just transmog, the market is to slow for that.

  5.  If you have engineering then I would not really recommend to put alchemy next to it and here is why. There are only two crafts that will benefit and those are the Sky Golem and the Depleted Kyparium Rocket. Now the Depleted Kyparium Rocket is pretty good for selling but for the Sky Golem you do need 30 Jards Peculiar Energy Source and those can only be crafted once a day. That would mean that alchemy would only really benefit every 30 days besides the other crafts. Also with engineering you can craft transmog, but it can only be worn by engineers.

Now there or some other profession that you can combine but it's not worth doing it.

Every week I'll try to do profession match and next week that will be Blacksmithing.
I hope this post has given you some ideas about selecting the right profession with alchemy for you.

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Greetings, Jack the Dipper


  1. Really useful jack! Can’t wait for the next ones! :)

    1. Good to hear that :) I think this Sunday will be the next one. Cheers!

  2. Very nice list! I'm going about it another way for BfA and combining alchemy with crafting professions that require a lot of Expulsom. 5 extra expulsom / day is a nice addition for things like inscription contracts which require it a fair deal.


    1. Ty! O yeah that's a very smart move actually as well, good thinking.


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