Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Goblin Gold Making TV Guide

Looking for new ways to make gold or getting some gold making/farming questions answered?
Well let me help you with that. In this post I'll give some links to some gold markers and farmers that stream on Twitch at least ones a week and will maybe be a good gold making/farming source for you.

If I missed any gold making/farming streamer in this post then I'm sorry for that. Not all streamers are or can be active a lot and I don't have the time to watch them all. So sorry if haven't include you then in this list.

The Crafters;

GumdropsTSM The perfect stream if your in a learning phase or stuck with some questions about TSM. Here you can expand your knowledge in TSM and gold making. This guy is on of the top notch gold makers and has a perfect mindset when it comes to gold making. You may also know him from the Wowhead blog called WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up, founder of the WoW Economy & TSM Discord and founder of the Reddit WoW Economy.

SamadanplaysWoW If you are a starter in gold making and you want to see how it is to build up your gold making taking it step by step? Then totally follow Sam. At the moment he is working on his gold challenge to get 5 million gold before Battle for Azeroth comes out so he can get the Reins of the mighty Caravan Brutosaur and he is almost halfway there The 5 Million Chart. Very relax and family friendly stream.

The Farmers;

StudenAlbatroz A well known gold farmer for sometime now and is always one of the first with the hottest farming spots in World of Warcraft. Uses LootAppraiser to farm with viewers so you can see the looted value from different farms. So if you like to farm and like some rock/metal then go check this guy out.

Sharken808 A new upcoming Australian streamer that started last december 2017 and is rapidly growing in followers. He always tries to reply to any gold farming questions that are asked in his stream. Very social stream and some perfect rock music. Also makes use of the LootAppraiser addon to give people a good overview on different farms and will start crafting a lot when Battle for Azeroth comes out.

The Flippers;

Mozzletoff Also a new upcoming and growing streamer that makes use of a multi-boxing setting for sniping and some farming. Very interesting to check this out if your unknown to multi-boxing or snipping with TSM. You need some flipping tips or ideas? Then this is your guy to follow.

Role Playing Gold Makers;

Meraki22 If you want to make gold in a total different way, then she is the one to follow. There is some role playing but also a seller in role playing items like transmog and common vendor items she flips. A casual gold maker is the best description.

Emrie01 Role plays on his streams and crafts items to sell on the auction house. He is the only one that's streaming gold making on the beta of Battle for Azeroth. Very interesting to watch and check out the new upcoming gold making stuff in Battle for Azeroth.

Social Gold Makers/Farmers;

MrGrumpyFaceUK Well the name says it but he is not that grumpy. He's pretty new in the world of gold making and got his own ways. Want a good debate about games or daily stuff in life? This is your guy. He's also a co-founder of the Digital Network Arena discord that helps out content creators and a nice social area for Twitch and other users.

Other Gold Streamers;

Arganthe Streams in Portuguese and also in English if needed.
GoldGoblinNET German gold making streamer.
WTBGold Also known as Reckles and is well known in the gold making community. Does anything with making gold.
Speity Fun gold farmer with hilarious conversations.
TheGoldQueen Sadly doesn't stream that much but if she does you will be surprised in things you never thought of doing.
XionikandSheyrah Just two fun and silly persons that like to have fun. You may also know the name 'Sheyrah' from the famous TSM groups and operations setup Sheyrah.
Shinnstalesofgold Doesn't like milk or cotton but loves a cucumber beer. Great and fun gold making stream and he finally got his Vial of the Sands. In Battle for Azeroth he will be back for more gold making and fun stories. Great music as well.
Xtoria For all your pet gold making info you need to know.

On more but he doesn't stream as far as I know, but if non of the people are online on Twitch then you may want to check BregVids on YouTube. Great content that will give you a real good inside on gold making. Highly recommended!

Hoped this guide will help you out with finding some new gold making streamers and maybe widen your view on gold making some more.

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Greetings, Jack the Dipper


  1. Thank you for the shoutout PogChamp There are some folks I dont recognize so I'll be more busy now, appreciated!!

    1. Hey your welcome! Yeah there is enough to find on Twitch :)


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