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TSM Tool Tip Explanation

Getting to know the elements of Trade Skill Master is something I recommend to anyone that makes use of this great addon.
I'm going to explain to you what the tool tip shows. Before we get started it's good to know that these tool tips are the same for TSM3 as for TSM4, changing the settings maybe a bit different, but their basically in the same way implemented in both TSM versions. Changes of the tool tip can be changed in TSM settings tool tip.
Also a ty to GumdropsTSM for helping me out with a few questions. Follow this TSM expert on Twitch, you can learn a lot!

1. Basic info:

  • Item name
  • Type of item
  • Total vendor sell price (amount 43 x single sell price 5c) = 2s15c

2. TradeSkillMaster Info: info about the item

  • Group: In what main and sub group the item is placed.
  • Prospect Value: The destroy value of the item if it can be destroyed. Jewelcrafter = prospect. Inscription = milling. Enchanter = disenchant. Beneath it, it shows you the rest product from destroying it. The green numbers shows how many you get on average per destroying a single item.
  • Vendor Sell Price: Single vendor sell price.
  • Custom Price Source: Any custom price source you have made will show and give the posting value.
  • Inventory: Shows the total amount you have on all characters that use the same TSM profiel. You see here a total of 63 Copper Ore that's split between the characters that carry the item in their bag, bank, AH or mail (43+20). If they are in the guild bank, then you will see 'Guild Bank' in the inventory list with the amount behind.

3. TSM Accounting: based on personal data

  • Sold: The amount you have sold of the item. Min = The cheapest price you ever sold it for. Avg = The average price you sold the item for. Max = The highest price your sold the item so far.
  • Last Sold: The last time you sold the item.
  • Sale Rate: If an item has a sale rate of 0.15 then it sells 15 times for every 100 times you have  posted.
  • Purchased: The amount your bought (63). Min = The lowest price you paid for the item. Avg = The average price you're paying for the item. Max = The highest price you paid for the item.
  • Last Purchased: The last time you bought the item.

4. TSM AuctionDB: based on TSM data

On the left: The amount of auctions posted on the auction house (not the amount of items) of that particular item.
Next to that you see the last time TSM updated the data for you. The time counts for all the price sources that are displayed in the TSM AuctionDB section.
All prices you see in that section (except the Region Sale Avg) are posted prices, not the prices they have been sold for.
  • Min buyout: The lowest posted price the item is posted sinds the last data update.
  • Market Value: The average posted price of the item on your realm.
  • Region Market Value Avg: The average posted price in your region.
  • Region Sale Avg: The average selling price per post by all TSM users in your region.
  • Region Avg Daily Sold: The daily average amount of posts that's sold by all TSM users in your region.
As you can see I'm not using all the price sources, but they do the same only in a different way like the global or historical prices.

5. TSM Shopping: based on shopping operations you have set

  • Max Shopping Price: The max buy price of you're shopping operation you put on the group where the item is been put in.

6. Item Info:
On the left it shows the item ID. On the right the amount the character is carrying of the particular item.

Because I could not find an item with all the tool tip details, I took separated screenshot of another item.

To see Max Shopping Price and TSM Accounting in the tool tip of the specific item, you will need a shopping and auctioning operation connected to the group of the specific item (unless you unchecked the tool tips in the TSM settings).

7. TSM Auctioning: based on auctioning operations you have set
This shows the posting prices you set in the specific operation that's attached to the group of the item.

  • Min = Is the minimum posted price of the item
  • Normal = Is the normal posting price of the item
  • Max = The maximum price it will be posted for.

8. TSM Crafting: based on personal as TSM data and crafting operation you have set
On the left from Crafting Cost you will see the total crafting cost and profit. The profit is based on the crafted price and the price that is set in the crafting settings called Default Craft Value Method.

Below that you see the items that are needed for the craft with summed up (Ghost Mushroom x 2 the single price of the item).

You also have the ability to let it show you the Mat Cost. The Mat Cost will show the crafted item as a item on it's own if the item is needed in another crafted item. That value is based on "Default Material Cost Method" in the TSM crafting settings. So it could be based on a minbuyout price or a region price, but that depends on the setting of the price source that's being used for crafting.

Let me give you a example. The picture here above shows a item called "Ghost Dye" that is used for another craft. The total material cost of the "Ghost Dye" is 44g 55s 99c  and is set on the dbmarket value. Because "Ghost Dye" is a crafting material on it's own it uses the dbmarkt value (Mat Cost) as well and that can be different from the crafting cost. (If you don't get it, no problem).

Hopefully you have gotten a better view of the TSM tool tip.
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Greetings, Jack the Dipper

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